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Bondi Semi I

We were tasked by the owners to provide a re-design of the interior spaces, along with material changes to the outside of this Bondi Semi post DA approval. 


A material palette of light and dark oak joinery combined with polished plaster walls, painted black steel work and solid oak flooring form the backdrop in this beautiful light filled beachside home. 


Generous floor to ceiling heights are emphasised by full height black painted steel windows and internal joinery doors. Bathrooms are lined with Terrazzo, grey marble and linear mosaic tiles. 


The Joinery in the master bedroom is a rich oak veneer with green upholstery detailing while secondary bedrooms utilise a matt laminate complimented with simple oak cabinet handles. 


Equitone linear cladding wraps the new built form of the rear and first floor addition which is of CLT construction. 

The existing original features to the front of the property are emphasised with a pared back aesthetic and new render finish with Basalt crazy paving and new landscape to the entry. 

Builder - FKR Construction

Structural Engineer - Partridge Structure

Original Planning Approval: X.PACE Design Group

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